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Three Years

On the 6th of June, Jules Joseph will celebrate it’s three year anniversary. What once started as a moniker for my paintings has since grown into my own creative platform. This website was launched back in october of 2013 as a gallery for my paintings. It was relaunched in June of 2014 officially with handmade jewelry.

The year of 2015 was filled with multiple jewelry collections and the launch of the Facebook page, Vimeo account and Instagram. In 2016 that Facebook page was deleted and a Soundcloud account was made to provide an outlet for music. Three EP’s were released digitally. Square One, Square Two and Square Three.

The project reached it’s peak with Full Square. My first solo exposition colliding paintings, jewelry, video and music. After two years it felt like a worthy showcase of my work. It also stated the fact that I needed to continue to create in order to stay happy in life.

While I am slowly returning to painting and working on a new project which includes the short film Another Night, June is already around the corner. To celebrate I revisited the Square One EP, which is still my favorite out of all three. Square One Revisited will be launched on the 6th on June through Soundcloud. More news about it will follow soon.

Do you have a question or a request? Feel free to get in touch with me by sending an e-mail to mail@julesjoseph.nl

05/17/2017 — 20:52

Another month

Another month has come and gone in which the beginning of a new project has sprouted. Like I already announced before, I will go back to my roots which is painting. Last year during my first solo exposition eight paintings were shown being a vital part of the showcase. Both new work and the short film ‘Another Night’ will be part of this new project which I am very excited about.

Sadly I can’t reveal much more about the project for now, but more news will follow as soon as I am able to. A showreel for video related work has been added to the Vimeo account. Keep an eye on the website for upcoming news!

Do you have a question or a request? Feel free to get in touch with me by sending an e-mail to mail@julesjoseph.nl

05/6/2017 — 08:47

A few cuts

Editing Another Night after the secret premiere has been done and the short film is ready to be shown to whomever wants to see it. Taking in the received feedback I decided a few cuts needed to be made for better storytelling. Promotional work for the short film will soon continue.

The Another Night soundtrack EP has now been added to the Soundcloud account. The EP consists of four new songs featured in the short film. A total of nine new songs are actually featured in the short film.

More news about the short film and upcoming projects will follow.

Do you have a question or a request? Feel free to get in touch with me by sending an e-mail to mail@julesjoseph.nl

03/29/2017 — 19:46

Release Another Night

Another Night has been released during a secret premiere party on the 17th of March 2017. With a small group of people I screentested the short movie for the first time to gather opinions and make some final changes. A new and exciting experience with some valuable feedback.

The gallery has been completely changed as well. Now that I’ve settled in my new appartment in Rotterdam I have the time and space again to pick up painting. Something which I’ve been longing to do for quite a while now. As I’ve been making jewelry these past two-and-a-half years, which I have greatly enjoyed, I always felt like there were elements I could not express. By picking up where I left off with painting everything will come full circle.

The gallery has been put back in it’s place the way it was before, soon to have additional new work.

Do you have a question or a request? Feel free to get in touch with me by sending an e-mail to mail@julesjoseph.nl

03/18/2017 — 07:38

22 Songs

The final editing of the short film is almost done and the release date comes closer and closer. The short film will be a little over 30 minutes long and has the scheduled release for March the 17th of 2017. One day later than originally planned. The short film features a little over 22 songs of which 9 are my own. Of those 9 songs only 1 is a song taken from the Square One EP.

The official trailer for the short film has been put on the official Vimeo account of which the link can be found on the website.

Keep an eye on the website for more updates and news.

Do you have a question or a request? Feel free to get in touch with me by sending an e-mail to mail@julesjoseph.nl

02/22/2017 — 22:09

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About Me

Martijn Jules Joseph Winkel is a graphic designer from Rotterdam with a specialization in art & design. He has also finished a study in Desktop Publishing – Allround. Besides graphic design, painting is his passion.

His passion for painting emerged at an early age, with his mother always pushing his creativity forward by trying to work with different materials and tools. After finishing his studies he also started focussing on jewelry releasing several collections through his website.

Celebrating the two year anniversary of Jules Joseph and the release of an online musical project divided in three EP’s, Martijn had his first solo exposition in Rotterdam in 2016 called ‘Full Square’. The exposition displayed paintings, jewelry, music and video.

After experimenting with a short film called Another Night at the start of 2017 he is now completely focussed on painting again. This website will serve as a showcase of his work, a way to get in contact with him and an active blog.

Do you have a question or perhaps a request? Feel free to get in touch by sending an e-mail to mail@julesjoseph.nl.