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8. Questions and answers

During the live brainstorming session on Instagram I answered some questions. Apparently the streaming was very slow, my apologies for that!

How did you start with this new project?
The idea for this project sprouted when I finished the short film I made called ‘Another Night’. It was an experiment, but after editing the final cut the short movie was shelved. As Jules Joseph started as a platform for my paintings, I promised to return to that due to having a new house with more space for painting. I decided to incorporate the short film into a bigger project combining storytelling and painting to bring it to light.

What is the short movie about?
Another Night is about opening up, the vulnerability that follows and the endless in between.  The highs and lows of meeting someone, untouched. We have all been there once or twice. You never know what secrets will unfold and if it is built to last. The short film tries to capture that through recordings on a phone. It’s an experiment, and a new medium to me.

Will the project be completed with an exposition or a different outlet?
Last year I had my first solo exposition, which was a dream come true. Though it feels very tempting to finish this project with a second exposition I try to push myself further. When the short movie was still going to become an online zine it felt very exciting. Now that the short movie is finished it has become more difficult to share it online. Due to copywright reasons of imagery and music used it can’t be placed online without consequences. So it is still up for debate. Maybe I will share it secretly through a mailing list.

How far is the project from being completed?
The project is currently around seventy percent finished. The short film, ten paintings and stories are practicly done. It all depends on how I am going to weave the storyline and what more shall be added so that it feels finished.

Is it hard to work on the project with a fulltime job?
Yes, and no. Yes because I can’t put as much time and effort in it as I would like to. No, because it makes it more relaxing and worthwhile when I have the time to work on it. I don’t make any money with this project and I am currently not selling any paintings. The fulltime job makes sure I have a steady income to pay my rent and supplies.

Will you ever return to making jewelry?
The possibility is there, yes. But if I do it will probably be part of something else. After this project I will focus on painting completely, but you never know.

Why are you deleting your Instagram account?
My Instagram is not officially linked to my website and is used more as a moodboard privately. Because of that I have decided to change things in September by deleting my Instagram in order to share more through the website. I will continue to use Instagram, but with a different name and different content unrelated to Jules Joseph.

Thanks everyone for joining in, asking questions and having a laugh!

Do you have a question or a request? Feel free to get in touch with me by sending an e-mail to mail@julesjoseph.nl

08/14/2017 — 20:30

7. Going Live

Sunday the 13th, 13:00 CEST, I will have a live brainstorm session on my Instagram account. During this session I will answer questions about the project and try to brainstorm with you creatures. Feel free to join in and give me questions and feedback!

My Instagram is not officialy linked to my website and is used more as a moodboard. Because of that I have decided to change things in September by deleting my Instagram in order to share more through the website. I am also thinking about switching to Youtube instead of Vimeo. Though I am still very satisfied with Vimeo, I believe Youtube will broaden my audience and gather more opinions and views.

Do you have a question or a request?  Feel free to get in touch with me by sending an e-mail to mail@julesjoseph.nl

08/11/2017 — 12:46

6. Shock factor

While I’m continuously reading the stories over and over again I’m realizing these stories might not add any value to the project. Yes, the stories are confrontational, funny and at times very relatable. But do the stories really blend with the story I am trying to tell? When things make me uncomfortable it is usually a good sign. But in this case I might just be trying to make something interesting that is actually not.

The project should feel like a continuous story. It should take you into the night like you’re a part of it. The short stories tend to lean towards the shock factor formed around ignorant youth. And I don’t feel the need to shock, it’s an easy way out. Whether I will be using the stories or not is up for debate. I will continue working on the paintings based on the stories. I want people to connect the dots by themselves, weave the story and make it their own. I’m trying to push myself and my work and that also means editing when necessary. Time will tell, maybe I will shorten the stories.

Another addition to the project will be a short clip called ‘Follow’. It’s about rushing home after a night of going out. I have finished the second layer of the paintings and I am quite satisfied with the results. Teasers of the making of the paintings have been added to my personal Instagram account. I am thinking about doing a live session through Facebook or Instagram soon to talk about the project.

Do you have a question or a request?  Feel free to get in touch with me by sending an e-mail to mail@julesjoseph.nl

08/2/2017 — 06:31

5. Bring the Night

The ten short stories have been picked out and divided in two. The first five stories will be about adventures during the night time in the city. The other five stories will be about the thoughts that follow the morning after. All stories will be mixed forming a complete story of ten pages with ten paintings.

Reading these stories again feels strange and confrontational, but in a good way. In such a short amount of time so much has happened, passed and changed. And I can’t wait to see what more adventures are yet to come and unfold. Writing has always been a way of reflecting emotions I can’t easily talk about. Though I don’t consider myself a professional writer I do treasure these stories captured in text. Or pixels as you will, because these stories have never actually been printed.

I reached out online through Instagram and Facebook questioning if I should livestream the short film. One of the reactions was to livestream the whole exposition instead, which I quite liked. To unfold the project with an exposition seems to be in high favor.

The base coatings for the paintings have been applied with oil paint. This will take quite a bit of drying before I can continue which gives me time to reread the short stories.

Do you have a question or a request?  Feel free to get in touch with me by sending an e-mail to mail@julesjoseph.nl

07/20/2017 — 10:24

4. Treasures in text

Alongside the short film multiple short stories will be presented. Over the years I have written short stories involving the adventures in the night life of Rotterdam with friends. These stories are memories made and memories treasured in text. Because the project is majorly inspired by ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ these short stories go well with the overall concept of the project. These stories will, for some people, be very relatable or the complete opposite. Some will shock, some will conjure laughter, but all will be very personal and close to my heart.

To accompany these stories multiple painted interpretations of the stories will be made. But first I have to read all these stories again and try to pick out ten that are worth showing and reading. An exciting and emotional process because these stories were not meant to be shared when I wrote them. But an honest Puck I shall be, and I will share these stories unedited and raw.

So far the project will contain a thirty-minute long short movie called Another Night. And ten short stories, enlarged and printed with ten accompanying interpretations of the stories made with paint.

Do you have a question or a request? Feel free to get in touch with me by sending an e-mail to mail@julesjoseph.nl

07/12/2017 — 10:38

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About Me

Martijn Jules Joseph Winkel is a graphic designer from Rotterdam with a specialization in art & design. He has also finished a study in Desktop Publishing – Allround. Besides graphic design, painting is his passion.

His passion for painting emerged at an early age, with his mother always pushing his creativity forward by trying to work with different materials and tools. After finishing his studies he also started focussing on jewelry releasing several collections through his website.

Celebrating the two year anniversary of Jules Joseph and the release of an online musical project divided in three EP’s, Martijn had his first solo exposition in Rotterdam in 2016 called ‘Full Square’. The exposition displayed paintings, jewelry, music and video.

After experimenting with a short film called Another Night at the start of 2017 he is now completely focussed on painting again. This website will serve as a showcase of his work, a way to get in contact with him and an active blog.

Do you have a question or perhaps a request? Feel free to get in touch by sending an e-mail to mail@julesjoseph.nl.