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The Hive

A brand new song called ‘The Hive’ has been released today through Soundcloud. The accompanying video has been uploaded to Vimeo. The song was inspired by one of the first games which had a profound impact on me, Tomb Raider.

The game series follows the adventures and exploits of Lara Croft, a world-renowned archaeologist adventuress and the series’ main protagonist. Near the end of the first game she ends up in Atlantis in the hive of Atlantean mutants with Natla, the third ruler of Atlantis.

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11/21/2017 — 21:05

Another update

As the nights become colder and the days turn darker I spend more time indoors like everyone. Winter season is not only the season in which I was born but also the season I love the most. I decided to invest a little more time in the website.

The gallery has had a much needed update. It now features paintings and graphic work including throwbacks to Another Night, Reboot, Titus, Square One and Full Square. Because Jules Joseph has become a vehicle of expression I wanted the gallery to reflect that. Creating a limitless space to create instead of forcing myself into one direction.

A new song called ‘The Hive’ will soon be released through Soundcloud. The official video for the song will be uploaded to Vimeo.

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11/15/2017 — 23:49

Seven Nights

Seven nights have passed since the release of the short film. Seven nights have been spend together. Seven dusks, seven dawns. And so ends the viewing of the short film.

The Another Night project, previously known as An Honest Puck, has been quite the journey. What started out as a draft for a performance art piece about vanity and losing yourself in social media turned out to become a piece about my love for the city and fleeting romance. Experimenting with different forms of creative expressions has been exciting, but it also made me realize that not every form is my area of prefered expertise. With Another Night I realised I still have a lot to learn when it comes to cinematography.

Though the short film has been taken down, the rest of the Tumblr page will be open for viewing for a while. Thank you for your interest and feedback.

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10/9/2017 — 18:11

Release Another Night

Today is the official release of the Another Night project, previously known as An Honest Puck.

One of the core subjects of this project will be nightime and the slumber of the city. Weekends filled with guilty pleasures, sleazy parties and bad decisions. Things I love to hate but keep coming back to because it will never stop giving or surprising. Chasing dreams until I can no longer sleep, an eternal longing for balance and unbalance. And these things only become more attractive once your stuck in your nine to five life.

The project consists of the following;

Another Night (short film)
Another Night is about opening up, the vulnerability that follows and the endless in between. The highs and lows of meeting someone, our daily slumber, and how we come alive in the nightime. What connections do we truly make in this digital age and how does that show in patches and pixels? What story appears when you weave them all together?

Follow (short film)
Most of us have been there. After a night out you desperately want to get home to undress and crawl into bed. Your head still dizzy from the alcohol, your clothes smelling like cigarettes and beer. But it’s that walk from the station to your house that will always repeat itself first. Connecting the dots you walk from A to B. Sometimes it rains, sometimes you smoke a last cigarette. And sometimes you walk just a little faster because the darkness surrounding you suddenly gets to you.

Reflecting (short stories)
Over the years I have written multiple short stories involving the avdentures in the night life of Rotterdam with friends. These stories are memories made and memories treasured in text. Ten snippets of text have been taken from these short stories to accompany the project.

Pictograms (paintings)
To acompany the short stories painted interpretations of the stories have been made. Every painting has a base coating of oil paint covered with a drawing made with crayons.

I really hope you enjoy it.

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09/28/2017 — 07:49

Satisfying process

A lot has happened since the last blog.  The working title has been changed to the official title ‘Another Night’ again instead of ‘An Honest Puck’ due to copyright.  I am proud to share the new poster for Another Night. New promotional pictures have been taken by Boris Windmeijer. The new official trailer has been uploaded to the Vimeo account as well.

Piece by piece I have been slowly putting everything together which is a very satisfying process. The project is taking shape in the way I wanted to tell the story becoming a nice collection. Even though putting the short film online will be a risk, I am confident it will find its way. With one month left to go I will take the time to edit and tweak until it actually feels finished.

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08/31/2017 — 14:52

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About Me

Jules Joseph is the vehicle of expression of Martijn Winkel. A painter and visual artist from Rotterdam, The Netherlands, who started out in 2014. He has released multiple collections of handmade jewelry and paintings and launched two major projects. The first being ‘Full Square’ in the form of an exposition combining jewerly, paintings and video while releasing three accompanying EP’s with music. The second project ‘Another Night’ being a short film about the nightlife of the city and fleeting romance, releasing accompanying music once more.

He now focusses on experimenting with different ways to tell stories. This website serves as a showcase of his work, a way to get in contact with him and an active blog.

Do you have a question or perhaps a request? Feel free to get in touch by sending an e-mail to mail@julesjoseph.nl.